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COVID-19 has affected every person and every business. At Paperpunch we have the best range of sanitary, protective and distancing products to help you combat the pandemic. Below are a selection of featured covid19 products and our handy return to work checklist so you can prepare to the best possible standard so you can get you and your business back to work safely.

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Now that Ireland is past the ‘peak’ of the COVID-19 pandemic – the Government has started to relax the ‘lockdown’ measures introduced in March, including the re-opening of businesses and schools. To help you with the transition back to the office, we are offering a FREE – no obligation – consultation service. The aim of the consultation is to help you understand the challenges that you will have to overcome to operate safely and the products that you will need. As part of the consultation you will provided with an extensive checklist that our team has prepared. The checklist analyses areas such as: entry, exit and moving around, workstations, meeting rooms, common areas, managing contacts and much more!